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Threading is a technique that utilizes suture like threads to lift sagging skin. The threads can be impregnated with collagen stimulating agents to correct deficits with long lasting results. Areas commonly treated are the brows, mid-face( cheeks), jawline and neck.  This a a non-surgical procedure that provides instant results and continued volume over time. Patients are numbed with an anesthetic before treated.  Please schedule a consult with MedSpa before booking. 

Pricing Varies on thread use $2500-$4000

Threads (Non-Surgical Facelift)
Non-Surgical Radiesse Butt Lift
NonSurgical BBL

Radiesse is a collagen stimulating filler made of calcium hydroxylapatite. The non-surgical BBL adds volume to buttocks, hip dips and smooths dimpling. Results can been seen instantly and continue as your own collagen grows.  Multiple sessions are needed for optimal results.

12 Syringes - $4500

20 Syringes - $5500

$1000 deposit due at booking

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